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The world has changed beyond recognition. With half the population gone, the rest struggle for survival behind closed doors with a daily radio update as their only contact to the outside world. Cassie has been alone for longer than she can remember, whilst Jon can’t remember the last time he had a real conversation with anything that had blood running through its veins. With reality dwindling day by day and a serendipitous key bringing these two strangers together, is there any real chance for survival?

Written, produced & directed by Lucy Benson-Brown & Joe Ransom
Cast - Sinéad Matthews, Mark Weinman, Danny Rahim, Natalia Campbell, Richard Ede.

Director of Photography - Richard Bell ACS
1st ACs - Laura Van De Hel, Bullman Arsehit
2nd ACs - Ollie Cipres, Nick Brown, Jack Lightfoot
Gaffers - Vincent Edwards, Sam Horne

Editor - Daniel Booth
VFX Supervisor - Nick Brown
Sound Design - Steve Brooks at Vaudeville Sound

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